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Smith and Wesson Model One, 2nd Issue Revolver --MINTY--

This is a fantastic little S&W Model One Pocket Revolver in .22 caliber. Manufactured 1860-1868. This one is in the 115,000 range which dates it to around 1868. Wow, it is nice with 95% bright shiny original blue on the barrel and cylinder with perfect address and patent dates. There are a few marks on the sides of the ejector rod beneath the barrel. The frame has 90% original silver plating that is tarnished to a dark gray with balance flaked exposing the brass frame underneath in places. The hammer shows excellent case colors. Original rosewood grips are Excellent with 99% original piano varnish. No chips, cracks, or repairs. Barrel to frame lockup is tight, action is Excellent, and bore is Excellent. Nice screws and pins. One of the best examples we've had in several years!

Item# 1998


Note: At 150 years old, this item is being sold as a collectible antique only. They were constructed of brass, mild steel and made to only handle black powder cartridges. They are not strong enough to handle modern .22 caliber smokeless rimfire ammunition.



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