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Smith and Wesson DA Pocket Revolver in Box w/ holster & cartridge box

This is an Antique 4th Model S&W Double Action Revolver in .32 S&W still with its original factory shipping box.  It also comes with what appears to be its original holster or carrying pouch made of pig skin and an early 20th century Winchester cartridge box (no shells).   Nickel finish, 3" barrel, and checkered hard rubber grips.  5 shot cylinder.  All matching numbers in the 170,000 range.  Antique, Pre-1898. 

Overall, the gun is in NRA Antique Excellent condition.  It looks like it was carried on occasion in the holster and was fire but probably spent most of its life in the box. The frame has 99% original nickel and 96% on barrel with some muzzle wear and just a few freckles in the nickel.  The cylinder has 90% original nickel with a patch on one chamber that has flaked...probably from where the gun rested against the slightly acidic Kraft pulp cardboard box.  Nice case colors on hammer and trigger. Triggerguard has 70% blue overall.  50% blue on the latch. Excellent screws overall.  Hard rubber grips are flawless with no wear, chips, or cracks.  Good+ bore with strong rifling but some scattered pits. 

The box is original to this gun and is marked "SMITH & WESSON DOUBLE 32 ACTION NICKEL 3 INCH."  The serial number is marked in pencil along the bottom of the box. The box is in good condition overall with no pieces missing and no tears on the corners.  The outside of the box looks pretty respectable.  The inside is decent but has turned a little yellow from natural aging along with some staining.  There is some fray along the top inside edge where the hammer and top of the frame of the gun brushed up against the cardboard when removed and placed back in the box over the years.  Nice directions for usage inside the lid...there is a crease mark with a minor tear towards the lower left side of the directions.  This isn't really visible from the outside of the box except for a slight indentation. 

A nice example of a 19th century S&W pocket revolver that was well looked after and used sparingly.

Item# 0474




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