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Smith and Wesson Blued Safety 3rd Model D.A. Revolver

Another nice blued S&W revolver!  This one is the Safety Model in 38 S&W with 5 inch barrel.  The safety model or "lemon squeezer" as some collectors call these, featured a concealed hammer which made these easy to pull from a concealed position without the hammer getting caught or snagged.  To elimate accidental discharges, S&W installed a checkered safety bar in the backstrap which deactivates the revolver until pressed by the owner's hand. Since no hammer is exposed, it only functions in Double Action.  While not as pretty on the eyes as the standard DA's, these guns were better suited for being carried as they were easier to use and were mechanically superior with the built-in safety features.  This is a 3rd Model barrel with its own unique barrel catch release.  Antique Pre-1898 serial number is in the 115,000 range.  Overall condition is NRA Antique excellent with 95% original blue.  Action and safety still work nicely.  Bore is near Excellent...bright with strong rifling with a couple light rashes.  Grips are excellent and you can still read most of the tiny patent date at the bottom of the left hand grip.  A very strong example of an antique S&W Safety Revolver.

Item# 0997




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