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Smith and Wesson No. 2 Army Revolver

Early Cartridge S&W Model No. 2 Army Revolver in .32 Rimfire. There were a little more than 77,000 of these produced from 1861-1873. Many of these No. 2 Army Revolvers ended up in the hands of Union officers during the Civil War. Their early copper cartridges were waterproof and ideal for a soldier's life which was largely spent in the elements. Probably the most famous owner of this Model was Wild Bill Hickok who purportedly had one the day he was killed playing poker in 1876. Those with serial numbers under 35,731 were produced during the Civil War. This one is in the 33,000 range which dates it to late Civil War production. Standard 6" octagonal barrel, blued finish, with rosewood grips. A friend of mine found this in the Saint Louis area and its quite likely it spent most of its life there. Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Fine with 65% thinning original blue on the frame with the balance turned to a smooth brown patina. The cylinder has turned completely brown but the barrel still shows about 40% original "streaky" blue with the rest turning to brown. Strong barrel address on the top rib and nice patent dates rolled around the circumference of the cylinder. The tip-up barrel latches fairly tight to the frame with just a hint of play...not bad at all. Everything cycles mechanically. The rosewood grips are solid with 95% original dark piano varnish intact. One small chip at bottom of right grip. Grips are numbered to the serial number on the bottomstrap of the frame. Frame, cylinder, and barrel have matching assembly letter "O". Complete and 100% original including cartridge ejector. Good solid example of a Civil War era S&W No. 2.

Item# 2021




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