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S&W .32 DA Revolver --Blued with 6" Barrel--

This is a scarce blued S&W Pocket DA in caliber .32 S&W from the late 19th century. The vast majority of these were nickel plated which was much more durable than blue. That said, they were produced in fewer numbers and 130 years later, much harder to locate with a high percentage of original finish compared to the nickel examples. This one also has a desirable six inch barrel. While the gun was built in the 1880's and is a 4th model, the barrel appears to have been a factory mail order replacement by Smith during the 1890's as it has the later style patent dates in the barrel address and it was never serialized. If the gun is 130 years old, the barrel has been on this one for the last 120 of those years as they share the same amount of wear. Fortunately, the bore is nice. Action works in both single and double action modes. Grips are very good overall. Original blued finish is approximately 75%. Decent example with desirable blued finish and a scarcer barrel length.

Item# 1974




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