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S&W Early 2nd Model .38 CAL DA Revolver --Circa 1881--

This is a good example of an early Smith and Wesson Double Action Revolver. Note the improved rounded sideplate which replaced the square-style plate on the 1st Models. Like all 1st and 2nd models, it has the distinctive short cylinder flutes followed by dual sets of stop notches. The 2nd Model was produced from 1880 to 1884 before the design was changed in favor of a more economical design with one set of stop notches. The serial number is in the 39,000 range which would date this one to around 1881 plus or minus a year. All numbers are matching which include the frame, cylinder, locking latch, barrel, and grips. 100% original. 75% original nickel overall. Nice markings with a completely legible barrel address. Good case colors on hammer and trigger. Trigger guard and barrel latch around 30% original blue. Grips are excellent with sharp checkering & logos with no chips, cracks, or repairs. Very Good bore...a little frosty with good lands and grooves and no major pitting. Excellent mechanics. Good solid example of an early S&W DA pocket revolver that just celebrated its 130th birthday.

Item# 1625




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