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S&W .38 DA Pocket Revolver --BLUED--

This is a nice example of an antique pre-1898 Smith and Wesson Double Action with scarce blued finish. The caliber is .38 S&W. Nine out of ten of these old DA's we find are nickel and since the blued finish was less durable and prone to oxidation, finding a nice one with this finish can be quite a challenge. I think it's been two or three years since we've had blued DA's good enough to offer on the website and within the past two months, we've found three with antique serial numbers. This one is a 4th Model .38 DA in the 371,000 serial range and below the 380,000 1898/99 cutoff for antiques. It has a 5" barrel and checkered brown gutta percha grips with the Smith and Wesson monogram. Overall, it falls into the bottom of the NRA Antique Excellent Condition Range with approximately 85% original blue overall. Hammer and trigger show good discernible case colors on their profiles. Barrel has the correct 1880, 1882, and 1889 patent dates while the right side of the frame has the S&W monogram...correct for a 4th Model made in the late 1890's. There is a four digit number stamped on the right side of the frame near the hinge. The numbers are 3/16" (approx.) in height and given the age and style of font, appear to have been applied around the time of manufacture. Also, the number is in the 2,600 range which suggests this revolver could have belonged to a large metropolitan police department such as New York City or perhaps a large express company like Wells Fargo. Many such numbers like this corresponded to badge numbers. Just a thought. The mechanics are Excellent and the bore is also Excellent. Latch locks tightly to the frame. The grips are in Very Good Condition overall with a couple of small chip repairs on the right grip panel which do not distract. Matching numbers on the frame, cylinder, latch, and barrel.

Item# 1975




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