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Smith & Wesson No. 1 1/2 1st Issue

This is a really nice example of an early S&W Tip-up revolver in .32 rimfire and one of the very best we've ever offered!  This one must have shipped to England as it has small British proofmarks on the barrel and cylinder. Overall NRA Antique Excellent condition retaining nearly all of its original blued finish.  Best of all, the blue is quite consistent...somewhat of an anomaly on early blued S&W's which were particularly prone to flaking on the barrel and cylinder areas.  This one has 96% barrel blue, 95% frame blue, 97% blue on the grip straps, and about 80% blue on the cylinder with some light flash corrosion towards the front.  Hammer retains most of its bright original case colors underneath its original factory coating  of darkened shellac.  The ejector pin still shows considerable amounts of original fading case colors. Original rosewood Grips show numerous small dings and light handling marks but retain 90+% original piano varnish. No chips, cracks, or repairs!  Very good bore.  Barrel to frame lock-up is still tight like new. Nice mechanics.  This revolver was probably fired a few times and tossed in a desk drawer.  Apart from probably banging into a few things in that drawer, it was kept near perfect away from oxygen, sunlight, and a stable climate.  While not impossibly, this would prove a challenge to improve upon. 

The 1 1/2 1st issue was manufactured from 1865 through 1868 and basically a scaled-down or pocket size version of the number 2 Army.  Compared to the other early S&W tip-up style revolvers, the one unique feature of the early 1 1/2 is the cylinder stop bolt is located on the bottom of the frame instead of the top.

Item# 0312




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