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American Revolutionary War Era Model 1777 Flintlock Pistol

This is a Revolutionary War Era French Model 1777 Flintlock Pistol that was produced by one of the three main French arsenals...this one being St. Etienne. It has a very old conversion to percussion but is otherwise all original including the original belt hook which is almost always missing. France supplied quite a few of these along with the Charleville style Musket in our fight against the British. In addition, there were a number of French units that fought alongside Americans...particularly at the Battle of Yorktown in 1781. The great thing about this pistol is unlike 95% of what was used in the Revolution, these were marked with the year of manufacture. A number of 1777 Pistols I've seen over the years that still have the dates were manufactured post-Revolution. However this is dated 1779 on both the stock and the barrel. You will not find one with a better date and military markings on the wood than this one. It is crisp...just fantastic! Condition-wise, for a gun approaching 250 years old, it is sound and in Fair+ Condition on the metal and Good+ to VG on the wood. The brass frame is great with nice markings, good edges, and a very old patina while the iron barrel, screws, and rear grip strap show pitting. The "79" on the barrel has had the rust removed and it's quite good. Just forward of the date is a French proof symbol and a crown that has not been cleaned. The original belt hook has a few deep pits but is present and still has quite a bit of spring left in it. The action works both on full and half cock positions. The wood is solid with a heavy patina. No cracks. Great markings which read "X.BRE (old French abbreviation for December I believe), over "A" over "1779" over a fleur-de-lis symbol over "B" on the right side with a small area of wood repaired where there was a chip missing along the top grip strap. Left side of grip has a small letter "B". With the exception of a pre-1850 conversion to percussion, this is a nice original example of a Model 1777 Pistol that has never been overly cleaned with a great Revolutionary War date and original belt hook. In the years following the Revolution, the French Model 1777 would serve as the pattern for the first American-made military pistol called the Model 1799 by North and Cheney.

Item# 1902




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