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Rogers and Spencer Revolver

Nice untouched example of a .44 Caliber Rogers and Spencer Model Army Revolver.  There were 5000 of these built at the end of the Civil War for the US Government.  Most were never issued and eventually sold as surplus to Bannerman's in 1901.  This is a standard gun with US Gov't inspector markings and "RPB" cartouche on the left grip. Almost every part has a small sub-inspector marking in the form of a small letter "B".  Serial number is in the 3800 range.  Topstrap is marked "ROGERS & SPENCER" / "UTICA NY".

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine+ to Excellent with 80% bright original blue on the frame.  The barrel retains 60% bright blue with the balance a mixture of faded blue and plum patina. The cylinder is also a mixture of 50% original blue and plum patina.  Both the hammer and loading lever show dull molten case colors that are subsiding to a patina.  Very good grips still show 90% of their original oil finish with a small chip on bottom of the right grip...very common on this model as the grips are very sharply angled at the base.  Great wood to metal fit.  Nice inspector's cartouche.  Excellent mechanics.  The bore is mint...just like new...and cylinder walls still have their original finish as do the nipples.  Being an un-issued Civil War revolver that was sold as surplus, this gun has probably never been fired.  A nice untouched and un-issued example of Civil War revolver.

Item# 8810




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