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Remington Smoot Revolver

This is an early No. 1 New Model Smoot Revolver in Caliber .30 Rimfire.  This one is nickel plated with the rare wooden grips.....the vast majority of Smoots have hard rubber or composition grips.  Overall, the condition is NRA Antique Fine+ to Excellent with 90%+ original nickel finish with some light scratching and a couple of minor flaked spots on the cylinder.  Several of the screws and trigger still have bright fire blue.  Hammer has 50% fading case colors.  VG grips show handling marks with 50% original varnish.  Good bore with strong rifling and a few light pits.  Action works perfectly.  A nice example of an early 1870's era Remington pocket revolver with scarce wooden grips.

Item# 0406




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