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Remington Smoot Model 3 "Saw-Handle" Revolver w/ Pearls

This is one of the most colorful Smoot revolvers we've had in some time. It's a large frame No. 3 with the saw-handle grips. Manufactured from 1878-1888. Caliber .38 rimfire. 3.75" octagonal barrel w/ top rib. Standard nickel finish which is what you'll see 99+% of the time on Smoot revolvers. What sets this one apart from most we've seen are the original pearl grips. During the late 19th century, pearl grips were perhaps the most exotic material available for grips. Demand for mother of pearl was high and even surpassed ivory for many models. Unlike ivory, MOP is naturally translucent and gives burl-like qualities similar to wood only with three dimensional depth. A good pair of pearls is a beautiful thing to behold. Of course, the number one drawback to it was that it's fragile and prone to breakage. Over a period of 100+ years, most old revolvers have been dropped at least once or twice. All it takes is once which is why most guns from this period have at least one broken mother of pearl grip panel. Fortunately, that isn't the case with this gun. Not only does this Smoot have an amazing set of original pearl grips with lots of color and depth (the photos do not do them justice!), but they're perfect with no chips, cracks, or repairs.

Overall, NRA Antique Fine Condition with 75% original nickel on the frame, 90% on cylinder, 80% on barrel, and 90% on the gripstraps. Excellent REMINGTON barrel address with 1873 patent date. Grips are Excellent with nice fit to the straps. Remington had a penchant for over-building their products and a Smoot is one of the few revolvers that we encounter from the 19th century that we expect to still function properly. This one is no exception. I doubt it's seen a drop of oil in decades, but the mechanics are still perfect. Ejector rod, and cylinder pin springs still work fine. Bore has a few scattered pits but remains Good overall. Nice example of a late production Smoot.

Item# 9333




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