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Remington Smoot Model 2 Revolver w/ Ultra Rare Blued Finish

This is a very scarce example of a Remington Smoot Revolver with a seldom encountered "BLUED FINISH". The last one of these we had was about seven years ago and I haven't seen one for sale since. That particular example was a Model Number 1 in caliber .30 Rimfire. Here is the link:


Over the years, I have looked at literally thousands of Smoots for sale at shows, auctions, and online. All have been nickel. From experience, I feel quite comfortable with collectors saying that 99% of Remington Smoots are nickel...but given how many I've seen over the years, it feels more like 99.9%. That all changed a few months ago when a collector noticed our old ad and mentioned he had one a blued one that he wished to sell. We were extremely interested. As was the last one, it was expensive but rightfully so. There are so few of them and they rarely come up for sale.

This one is the slightly larger Model Number 2 which is in caliber .32 Rimfire. Features include 2-3/4" octagon barrel and 7/8" five-shot cylinder. It sports a pair of original Remington "faux" ivory grips which are made of celluloid plastic w/ iron backing plates for added strength. Celluloid was the first commercially successful form of plastic in the world and was patented by a firm located in Albany, NY in 1870. Being just down the road in Ilion, NY, it seems apparent that Remington took notice of this new material. These grips may not be real ivory but they have the distinction of being among the first products in the world made of plastic. See pg. 168 of Flayderman's 9th edition on his write-up titled "Remington-Smoot Revolvers (and Celluloid Grips)". Also mentioned is an article in the Remington Society Bulletin from June 1990 by Dr. H.H. Parker about celluloid grips. The rest is history. Here we are 144 years later and it's hard to find commercial products made out of anything but plastic.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Fine Plus with 70% original blue overall mixing with brown patina. Frame and barrel exhibit nice blue while the cylinder has turned mostly to a dark coloration. Hammer shows 50% dark original case colors. Grips are turning slightly yellow just as though they were real ivory and remain in very good condition with no breaks or chips...one small fissure along the upper edge of the left panel. Very minor. Nice barrel address reads:


Action is in good order. Hammer works on half and full cocks position, cylinder indexes properly, and bolt locks and holds each chamber in battery. Ejector rod and spring are complete and still work. This is a very special gun and one that usually requires several years of searching to acquire.

Item# 1732

$2,495 ON HOLD



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