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NY State marked Remington Rolling Block Carbine

This is the nicest NYS contract Remington Rolling Block we've ever had that still retains most of its original case colors and blued finish. This one is the scarcer Remington Rolling Block saddle ring carbine that was part of a contract of 15,000 rifles and carbines made for the New York State National Guard in 1872.  Over the years, I've seen plenty of NYS rifles but the carbines don't seem to turn as often and almost never this nice.  It has a 22" round barrel in caliber .50-70 with saddle ring, and carbine sights.  Unique to these NY contract Rolling Blocks, it has the extra high hammer spur with knurled border in the shape of a shield and breech block lever which is positioned 90% to the right side and also has knurling with the shield border (see photo).  Mechanically, the rifles and carbines in this contract have a rather ingenious safety feature in which the hammer self-adjusts to half-cock when the breach block is opened. The left side of the stock is marked with a serpentine cartouched marked "H.R.H" which is also unique to the NYS contract.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent with the receiver retaining 85-90% good discernable case colors.  The barrel band and buttplate show faded case colors that are mottled.  The barrel still has 90% original blue.  The wood is in Fine plus condition with all of its original finish with light handling marks, mostly on the forend.  There are no cracks, chips, or repairs and the wood is completely untouched.  Wood to metal fit is perfect with the wood still standing slightly proud over the metal edges just like it did when it left the Remington Factory in 1872. Nice cartouched located on the left side of the stock by the receiver. Mint bore is bright and shiny like a mirror with no pitting.  Action is perfect.  Very good screws and nice Remington markings on the upper tang with patent dates up to 1871.  This is a beautiful example and is comparable to the one pictured in the book "Remington Firearms: The Golden Age of Collecting" by Robert Ball.

Item# 9049




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