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Rare Remington Boxed Set of Reloading Tools for Smoot Revolver

What's rarer than a Remington Smoot Revolver in .38 Centerfire?  How about an original set of reloading tools for one still in the factory box?  That's right, here is an original Remington boxed set of reloading tools for .38 centerfire for the Smoot Revolver....at least that's what we think these are!  Based on the logo on the box, we know these are at least Pre-1890 but probably more like Pre-1880.    The set appears to be complete with no missing components that consist of the following: 

1. The depriming tools....(2 pieces) the case would be placed upon a small circular disk with a hole in the center....using the depriming pin, the spent primer would be pushed out of the back of the brass casing. 

2.  A multi-purpose conical bullet mold...(1 tool) the handle of which also has a cutout for installing the primer into the back of the .38 centerfire casing....so basically you can mold your bullet and install a new primer into the brass shell with this one tool. 

3. The brass powder measure.....(1 piece)this was designed back in the days of black powder when, given the nature of this propellant, filling the case by volume was more important than precise weight.

4. The bullet seater....(2 pieces) quite simply, this is hollow cylinder with a small seater with a domed handle....after the case was re-primed and loaded with powder, this tool pressed the bullet down into the casing.

5. The box stores the tools and has the directions for use right there on the label.

The tools are all in good condition, basically bright metal...not pitted but do have a few rice crispies of light surface rust which could easily removed.  The box is in Fair+ condition with a good complete label and not missing any sides....its a bit frayed and could use some attention but any cardboard box over 115 to 125 years old is exceptionally rare. Its done a great job of keeping an extremely rare set of tools together and intact.  In all my years of collecting reloading tools we've come across some rare birds....but I've never seen a set like this and given how rare .38 centerfire Smoot Revolvers are, this could be one of the only complete boxed sets of these tools in existence. Having so many different pieces, 6 in all, you can imagine how hard it would be to keep them together this long. For a few hundred dollars, nice Smoot revolvers usually come and go but this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for a serious Remington Collector.

Item# 0294




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