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CS Pettengill Army Model Revolver

This is a fairly scarce Pettengill revolver that was made by Rogers, Spencer & Co. during the early part of the Civil War. It is 44 Caliber, 6 shot cylinder,  with 7 1/2" octagon barrel, and a double action hammerless frame. Total production was 3400 units with much of it being delivered to the US Gov't from Oct. 1862 to Jan 1863. There are several known issues of the Pettengill to the 3rd Michigan Cavalry, 1st Arkansas, 3rd Illinois, 3rd Kentucky, and 3rd & 5th Missouri Militia (See Page 318 Flaydermans 8th Ed).  The top of the frame is marked "PETTINGILL'S PATENT 1856" and "RAYMOND AND ROBITAILLE PATENTED 1858". The serial number is in the 1900 range and located along the bottomstrap. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Good with good markings and nice edges.  The metal has turned to a mostly smooth brown patina with a few spots of light pinprick corrosion.  Good grips with no major chips or damage.  Bore has good rifling with a few pits.  The action "sort of" works but needs some help. The cylinder rotates and indexes just fine trigger doesn't re-set itself and must be done manually.  All in all, a fairly decent example of a Pettengill for about a thousand bucks less than others we've seen on the market.

Item# 0362




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