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Very Nice Percussion Single Shot Boot Pistol

This is a really strong example of an 1850-60's era single shot boot pistol.  These were quite popular with civilians as well as soldiers during Civil War who purchased them as personal-carry weapons.  While simple in design and made in large quantities, the one thing that sets this apart from most is "Condition"!  This one is exceptionally nice retaining 75% of its original barrel blue on its damascus barrel.  Hammer shows traces of fire blue.  Nicely engraved frame is sharp and turned to a pleasing grey patina.  Grips have a birdshead handle, very solid with no cracks or repairs and retain 95% of its original dark shellac finish.  Back of grip has an inlay...a shield made of German silver.  Nice working action.  Hardly ever see these with original finish...this one is good enough for display in a museum!

Item# 1041




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