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Civil War Pattern 1853 Tower Enfield Rifle

This is a good honest example of a Pattern 53 Enfield rifle imported by either the Union or the South during the Civil War.  Lock is marked Tower and dated 1862 with borderline engraving on the outer edges of the lock and hammer.  The back of the lock behind the hammer has a crown symbol without the VR which is correct for a commercially made Civil War import.  The barrel is stamped with Birmingham proofs and two "25" symbols denoting the bore size which translates to .577 Caliber.  Barrel is 39" long with 3 bands, brass triggerguard, buttplate, and forend cap.  This one still has its original sling swivels and sights intact.  The only replaced component on the entire rifle is the ramrod which is an original Sprinfield rod for a Model 1855 or 1861....this was quite common and the ramrod appears to have been with this rifle forever...the exact same situation is true with a Barnett Enfield we have listed....it too has a Springfield ramrod...rods were typically lost in service and replaced with whatever could be found. 

Overall, this rifle is in NRA Antique Good condition.  It doesn't show a lot of heavy use as there is no burn-away to the wood and the markings are quite nice....however, it wasn't stored in the best of conditions either.  The metal is mostly a silvery grey with light pitting as though it spent some time near the ocean and was exposed to salty air. Markings and edges are all nice and sharp.  This rifle looks a lot better than it sounds in put into words. Brass furniture is in good shape with a nice patina.  Wood is in very good condition with no cracks or repairs showing no burn-away areas around the lock area.  There is a small chip at the bottom toe of the stock on the left side.  Good wood to metal fit with generally good to very good surfaces with mostly light handling marks.  The right side of the stock is very lightly inscribed with the name "Princess Amelia".  Obviously, this isn't a soldier's name...perhaps a nickname for his rifle...we're not exactly sure.    Original ladder rear sight retains all of its original graduations.  Lock works well at both half and full cock positions.  Original nipple is in very good condition.  This is just a good solid example of a Civil War Enfield rifle that was heavily used by both sides.

Item# 0248




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