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Original World War 2 Espionage Poster "Loose Talk Can Cost Lives"

This is an original Circa 1942 Poster for National Defense by Cecil Calvert Beall (1892-1967).  It depicts two War-time factory and/or shipyard workers having a converstion over a couple of beers along with a ghost-like image of Hitler with a large open ear listening in on their discussion.  The caption below the image reads "DON'T BE A DOPE AND SPREAD INSIDE DOPE". (over) "LOOSE TALK CAN COST LIVES".  This seems to be a fairly famous image as we were able to find one in several University collections online including the Truman library collection...See  http://www.trumanlibrary.org/museum/posters/teach1.htm .  Overall condition is good with slight darkening of the border.  There is a tear through the image of Hitler's face but nothing missing.  Original thumbtack hole where this poster hung during the War is at the top of the image.  These originals are not very easy to find!

Item# 0584




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