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Original Winchester Shipping Crate for Model 1895 Rifles

This is a very rare Winchester shipping crate for 10 model 1895 Winchester sporting rifles.  Both ends of the crate indicate this once held ten rifles with 28 inch barrels in 30 Gov't, probably 30-40 Krag.  You can also see some of the railroad line markings on the outside of the crate.  99.9% of these early era wooden shipping crates were destroyed (firewood, trashed, and even bookshelves). The few that remain are often missing their lids.  This one survived with its lid intact because someone decided to use it as a tool box and needed the lid...just adding a couple of old hinges.  They did however remove the original partitions...as you will note in the photos, they would have fit into the mortised slots inside the crate.  Overall, the crate is in good solid condition with no major cracks or repairs.  The markings are good and legible...with some slight darkening to one end.  A rare opportunity to own what was once home to ten brand new lever action Winchester 1895s.

Item# 0806




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