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Original 1881 Edition of Forest and Stream/Rod and Gun Magazine

This is an original August 4, 1881 Issue of Forest and Stream magazine...not a copy or reprint.  This magazine I presume is the forerunner of Field and Stream and it was also notated as "Rod and Gun".  It dates to just 2 months before Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday's infamous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, AZ.   This issue also features a very rare ad for Winchester Double Barrel shotguns...this was a relatively short-lived venture for Winchester and extremely rare gun in today's collecting world.  The above ad features UMC shotgun shells.  Lots of other great ads in this one including Baker shotguns, extremely rare glass ball shooting traps, the new Marlin 1881 Rifle, Remington Keen deluxe rifle, Davis shotguns, Greener shotguns, Whitney Kennedy Rifles, and many more.  There are also lots of other interesting ads for Billiards, collapsible canoes, fishing tackle, archery, Leonards's split bamboo fishing rods, taxidermy supplies, lures, and footwear. 

The articles cover a variety of subjects.  On story is about what it was like for one writer to travel through the West via the Union Pacific Railroad in 1881 which includes stops through California, Carson City, NV, Tahoe, and other regions.  Pointers for Duck hunters....fishing, hunting dogs, and lots of results from shooting events, etc.  A fascinating read into what life was like for the American sportsmen 125 years ago.

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