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Moore .32RF 7 Shot Revolver from Civil War

This is a Moore Single Action Belt Revolver in .32 Rimfire. Moore was located in Brooklyn, NY and produced these "7 Shooters" from 1861 to 1863 for the first half of the Civil War. These early cartridge revolvers were quite popular with Union troops and officers during the Civil War. See photos. Moore produced about 5,000 of these before being shut down by Smith and Wesson for infringement on the Rollin White Patent for the "bored through cylinder". This one has a serial number in the 1,800 range and features a five inch barrel, fantastic factory engraving (which came standard), silver plated frame, blued barrel/cylinder, and varnished walnut grips. The engraving features spiraling floral vignettes with punch dot reliefs...quite similar to the Nimschke style New York engraving and very well executed. The brass frame still shows 75% original silver plating with 75% remaining on the gripstraps as well. The steel cylinder and barrel have aged to a smooth plum brown patina from the original blue. You can still see the slight sheen of original blue mixing through the patina in places. The barrel has a clear Moore address with the Sept. 18, 1860 patent date. The walnut grips show a few minor dings and gouges on the bottom but Fine Overall with 80% original orange varnish remaining with nice wood to metal fit. There is one distinct "kill" notch cut into the bottom edge of the right grip. The action is in very good order and hammer has its half and full cock positions. The barrel and cylinder rotate slightly off the frame for reloading with zero barrel to frame play. Bore is Good Plus with strong rifling. If your looking for a revolver with Civil War history that's technologically interesting, a rogue patent infringement, and comes standard with factory engraving that is on par with the best deluxe engraved Henry rifles, these Moore 7 shooters are quite a bargain!

Item# 1984




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