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Winchester Model 1892 Rifle w/ ID & History

This is a standard 1892 sporting lever action rifle in Caliber 38-40 with 24" round barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate.  Scarce early Antique Serial number is in the 52000 range and was mfd in 1894.  Only 16% of production qualify as Pre-1898 Antiques under Federal Law. There is an interesting and very old silver plaque on the right side of the stock secured by two small tacks (not inletted) engraved "Burt R. Ingerson  Jefferson, NH".   After doing a little research through old US Census reports...we've learned that Ingerson was born in 1866 in the state of New Hampshire and was a life-long farmer in the town of Jefferson.  In the 1900 census, he is 33 years old, married, has one daughter and shows up as a farm hand working for another farmer named John Hicks.  In the 1930 census, Ingerson is 64 years old and owns a dairy farm in Jefferson.  

The rifle is in NRA antique and in untouched condition. Very good condition with 30% original blue on the frame.  The barrel and magazine tube have turned mostly to a silvery to light brown patina with traces of original blue in protected areas.  Loading port shows 20% bright fire blue in protected areas. Very good screws overall and all correct early style markings including the early 2 line barrel address, 3 lines including Jonathon Browning's original patent date on upper tang, and the scarce early style hammer knurling with decorative widow's peak border.  Original front and rear semi-buckhorn rear sight.  The sliding elevator is a slightly later Model 1901 style....its probably been on this rifle for over 100 years and remained for most of its working life.....otherwise, this rifle is completely original. Bore is in good respectable condition with good rifling and a few light scattered pits, no rings or bulges.  Wood is in Fine condition with nice tight wood to metal fit....never cleaned or sanded....showing only light handling wear.  Very few Winchesters or antique guns in general, survive with any trace of their past.  A very respectable Model 1892 rifle with an interesting history.

Item# 0318




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