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Smith and Wesson 1-1/2 Revolver -- Near Mint Condition --

This antique spur trigger Model 1-1/2, 2nd Issue Smith and Wesson in .32 Rimfire. Made from 1868-1875, this is about as nice as you can get for a 150 year old antique gun. It's not very often we get a chance to say this on a pre-1898, but this is a TRUE NRA Antique Excellent PLUS. We think calling it 99% might be underestimating it by a little. The only things we can find to refrain from calling it MINT are few brown freckles on one chamber of the cylinder, a small wear line between the cylinder stops, and just a hint of wear along an edge here and there. Even the domed frame screws still have their original blue which would have worn off in a week had the original owner done so much as carried it in his pocket for a few days. We did our best to take photos of it but they simply don't do this revolver justice. It is simply stunning to the point where I don't even like to handle it. Standard 3-1/2 Inch round barrel, blued finish, with birds head grips made of rosewood with highly polished piano varnish. Hammer, trigger, and ejector are case color hardened. Standard German Silver front sight. Bore is mint! 100% original and untouched. Guys, I'm a collector too although a dealer first. That said, I think might know what I want for Christmas this year. My wife thinks July is a little too early but if this is still here by August, I won't feel too guilty that I didn't offer it to all our wonderful customers first! Please take this as a light-hearted fair warning! :-)

Item# 2029




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