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Metropolitan Arms Co. Navy Revolver

This is a standard Model Navy Percussion Revolver made by the Metropolitan Arms Co of NYC, NY. The Metropolitan has an interesting conception. In February 1864, the Colt Plant in Hartford, CT was almost completely destroyed in a fire.  The ashes at Colt had barely time cool before the Syms Brothers, formerly of Blunt and Syms, quickly formed the Metropolitan Arms Co. to swoop in and take advantage of an gap left within the marketplace.  Produced conveniently from 1864-66, just about the same amount of time it took to rebuild the Colt Plant, the Metropolitan Navy Revolver is nearly an exact copy of the 1851 Colt Navy Revolver.   Standard 7 1/2" octagonal barrel in .36 Caliber with brass triggerguard and backstrap.  Serial number is in the 3400 range and is all matching except for the wedge which appears to be a replacement.  Grips are non-original replacements as is the rammer catch and cylinder nipples.  The grips have adequate fit but still slightly over-sized.  Overall, the gun has turned mostly a brown patina with worn but still decent markings that are 100% legibile.  Barrel is marked "METROPOLITAN ARMS CO. NEW-YORK".  The cylinder has approximately 25% scene remaining located mostly at the back of the cylinder just forward of the stop notches.  Action still works fairly well.  The tip of the hammer shows evidence on an old repair probably from striking the nipples repeatively....hence the replaced nipples. This would improve considerably with little effort or leave as-is. 

Item# 9047




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