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Merwin & Hulbert Pocket Revolver w/ 2 Barrel set

This is a .38 caliber double action Merwin and Hulbert pocket revolver with its original 2 barrel set.  As you can see, some owner in the past used this gun for target shooting and installed a homemade set of target grips...quite ugly but very comfortable.  All this gun needs is a pair of original grips and it will be worth substantially more.  All matching numbers throughout which includes the frame, cylinder, and both barrels.  The frame and the long barrel retain 75-80% original nickel while the shorter barrel is 90%.  Nice markings throughout.  The folding hammer spur has been replaced with a longer spur making it much easier to handle. Both barrels have very good bores.  Good mechanics although the arbor pin needs to be tightened up a little....there is some play where it screws into the frame....a gunsmith could probably fix this in 5-10 minutes.  All in all, this Merwin has a lot of potential! With just a little TLC and a correct pair of original grips, an good looking Merwin like this with its original matching 2 barrel set could be worth nearly double our price!

Item# 0269




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