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Merwin & Hulbert 7 SHOOTER Pocket Revolver

Nice little example of a fairly uncommon 7 shot Merwin & Hulbert revolver in .32 Caliber with 3 1/2" barrel.  These were actually built by Hopkins & Allen for Merwin & Hulbert during the 1870's and 1880's.  I believe these 7 shot models were manufactured using the slightly larger M&H .38 caliber frames in order to accomodate the larger cylinder.  Merwins had a lot of some interesting extra features sometimes used on their pocket revolvers rarely found on competitors like the sliding loading door.  This particular revolver has two of my favorites...one is the lanyard ring on the butt of the grip and the other is a patented folding hammer spur so that it wouldn't get caught when pulled from a coat pocket.  This made this gun quite desirable as a personal carry weapon....we recently sold an original M&H testimonial brochure that had several published letters from Police Departments around the United States that spoke highly of M&H's. 

This gun is in overall NRA Antique Excellent condition with 95% original nickel plating with some closet freckles.  Hammer has 40% case colors.  Excellent checkered hard rubber grips with the desirable checkerboard panels at the top of each grip.  One small crack in the bottom of left grip at the base near the lanyard...no chips.  Nice sharp markings throughout.  Left side of frame reads "32 CAL 7 SHOT" with patent dates on the top of the barrel and side of folding hammer spur.  All Matching numbers on the barrel, frame, and cylinder. Action works perfectly and the barrel & cylinder assembly has fantastic suction on the frame pin....this revolver has not been used much.  Bore is good with strong rifling and only a few pits.  Just a nice example of a Merwin with lots of interesting features which really set this pocket revolver in a class apart from most other manufacturers in the 19th century.

Item# 0194




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