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Mauser 1895 Rifle --Minty--

This is an antique bolt action Model 1895 Chilean Mauser manufactured by Ludwig Loewe of Berlin in 1895. All matching numbers including the bolt and cleaning rod. Loewe and their successor DWM produced the Model 1895 and the identical Model 1896 concurrently for both Chile and the South African Boers in the ZAR and OFS. In fact, I believe there were shipments diverted from Chile to the Boers, and during the British blockade of South Africa leading up to the Boer War some of their shipments were diverted to the Chilean military. While this 1895 probably saw most of its life packed in a crate or safely stored in an arsenal, identical rifles that made it into the skillful hands of the Boer farmers of South Africa saw quite a bit of action. These were extremely effective long range weapons against the British Army.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent Plus with 99% bright original blue with just a few specks of patina beginning to form. Bright vivid original fire blue is present on the bolt release, screws, rear sight elevator, magazine charger, trigger, and band springs. See photos. Bolt retains nearly all of its original bright polish as does the top face of the rear sight and cleaning rod. Excellent straw colors are present on the rear sight spring. The stock has a few minor handling marks but is Excellent overall with all of its original oil finish present over light orange colored European walnut. The internals are as new and the bore is Mint. A fantastic unissued example of an antique Mauser Model 1895. In my opinion, these near mint condition Model 1895's are one of the most affordable and undervalued antique weapons on the market.  This is A LOT of rifle for the money!

Item# 1369




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