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Mauser Model 1895 Rifle

This Model 1895 was part of a large contract of Rifles made by Loewe of Berlin for Chile. Caliber is 7mm.  Many of these were brought to the US during the 1950's and 60's and ranged from Fair all the way up to Mint Condition.  This particular rifle is one that falls into the Excellent category with 90% original blue remaining on the frame and barrel.  The bolt is still bright and there are still good traces of fire blue on the bolt release. The magazine catridge charger also has most of its original fire blue.  The numbers are matching on the receiver, stock, trigger housing, magazine floor plate, and rear sight.  The bolt number is not matching which probably means this rifle got issued to Chilean troops.  The receiver has a nice Chilean crest on the top and identical crest stamed into the left side of the stock with the date "1895".  Fine wood overall with no chips or cracks....with typical military handling marks...wood to metal fit is perfect...has never been sanded or refinished.  The cleaning rod is missing. Original sights and sling swivels intact.    Good+ to Very Good Bore with strong rifling.  A good 90%+ antique Mauser priced for less than half of what a Minty example brings. 

Item# 0286




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