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Martini Henry Mark Two Rifle w/ Accessories

This is a nice example of the British Military's early version of the Martini Henry rifle with original sling, brass muzzle cap, oil bottle, combination tool, and bayonet/scabbard.  This is a Mark II in caliber .450-577.This was Great Britain's primary small arm from the 1870's through the early 1890's at the height of the British Empire.  The Martini Henry was used literally all over the world in the Zulu Wars, Anglo-Afghan Wars, The Sudan, and throughout British Colonies into the early 20th century. The particular rifle was built in 1875 and started out as an early Mark I rifle Like nearly all Mark I's, it was upgraded to the Mark II in the late 1870's.  It still has the early Mark I stock with the proper wooden plug where the rear mark I swivel once resided.  It also still retains its original early rear sight ladder with wide "V" aperture. Overall, this one is in NRA Antique Fine to Fine plus condition with 85% original receiver blue with the balance flaked and 95% barrel blue.  Nice metal overall. Very good markings include the Crown on the frame above "V.R." (Queen Victoria Regina), over "Enfield" (mfr), "1875" (date) , cypher with broad arrow symbol, over ".II" (original a Mark I designation changed to "II" by Enfield".  The wood is in Very good shape with nice wood to metal fit and a few of the run of the mill dings and scratches which occurred during its military service life.  The stock cartouches are all there and in good condition. Action is nice and the bore is Excellent: mirror bright with sharp rifling...this would be difficult to improve upon.  Original Mark II style ramrod and sling swivels. This is just a very nice example of a Mark II.  Bayonet is in good condition with British proofmarks at the base of the blade and scabbard.  Sling is in good condition with no tears or repairs.  Tool still retains much of its original blue and brass oil bottle in good condition.   A very nice ensemble.

Item# 0323




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