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Attic Condition Marlin Model 1893 Takedown Rifle in 38-55

This is an early Marlin 1893 with a takedown frame in desirable 38-55 caliber.  This is a really tough combination of features to find on a Marlin these days. Antique serial number made in 1895.  26" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent buttplate.  Early style original sights include the long Marlin Ballard rear sight and Rocky Mountain Front with German silver blade.  Overall condition is NRA antique Fine condition with the case colors on the receiver mostly silvered with a few flashes of colors remaining and some in the protected areas. Hammer retains 60% light case colors while lever shows 10% colors mostly near the frame.  The loading port has 95% bright fire blue remaining that really gives the gun a nice contrast between the silvering case colors and the vivid blue.  The barrel and magazine tube have 80% original blue that is beginning to mix and freckle with patina.  Excellent markings throughout.  Some of the screws show turn marks while others are perfect.  The wood is in Very Good+ to Fine Condition and very attractive with its original reddish orange hues still glowing and not darkened with age.  Both the stock and forend have at least 90% original varnish with the usual small dings and scratches you expect to find on a 19th century vintage rifle.  There are no chips, cracks, or repairs to the wood.  Very solid with nice wood to metal fit still swelling up slightly over the metal.  The action is nice and most importantly, the takedown mechanism is still tight with NO play or looseness.  The bore is very good with strong rifling and still fairly bright.  Just a nice untouched example of an early Marlin 1893 that is 100% original and completely untouched.




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