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Marlin Model 1892 Rifle

Standard Marlin Model 1892 Sporting Rifle in Caliber .32 Centerfire.  The model 1892 was the solid-frame cousin to the Marlin Model 1897...which went on to become the Model 39...which is still being produced today. Note: The rimfire pins are also available and will drop right into the bolt.  Standard 24" round barrel, full magazine, and crescent buttplate.  Early Antique Serial number in the 136,000 range.  Circa 1896..  NRA Antique Fine+ Condition.  Frame has 75% bright original blue on the left side while the right side has 40% original blue with the balance flaked.  Hammer and lever retain 50% case colors.  The barrel and magazine tube have 95% bright original blue remaining.  Nice barrel and receiver markings.  Original sights include the standard Marlin Rocky Mountain Front with German silver blade and adjustable rear semi-buckhorn sight.  The wood is in excellent condition...showing a few scuffs and light handling marks.  The walnut has not darkened with age and is still a light orangish-red in color with 98% original varnish intact.  Perfect wood to metal fit with no chips, cracks or repairs.  Action works nicely.  The bore is perfect. 

The following is an excerpt taken from William Brophy's Marlin Book which he notes was found in the 1892 Marlin Catalog on the new .32 Caliber Marlin Model 1892 rifle:

"The caliber .32 Model 1892 rifle is so made that in the same rifle may be used .32 short rim-fire and  .32 long rim-fire cartridges, and by changing the firing pin, .32 short center-fire and .32 long rifle center-fire cartridges.  The rifle as sent out from the factory is adapted to use rim-fire ammunition, but a center-fire firing pin is furnished with rifle without extra charge.  This is usually placed in an envelope attached to the finger lever.  The firing pins can be interchanged by any one without using tools. ( In ordering the long center-fire cartridges, if of Winchester make, always specify Colt.  What they call 32 long center-fire is not the original but a special longer cartridge and is not suited to this rifle.) U.M.C. Co.'s cartridges are now inside lubricated. This ammunition is cheap, and as compared with repeaters using the 32-20 or 32 W.C.F. cartridges, will save the entire cost of the rifle on the first two thousand cartridges.  The ammunition is what costs in the long run.  Get the best rifle made to shoot cheap cartridges.  We particularly recommend this repeater to the farmer as an all-round rifle, combining the many good points of the old muzzle-loading squirrel rifle with the convenience, cheapness, rapid fire, etc., of the most improved system of repeaters.  The short cartridges are just the thing for small game, and the long ones will kill hogs or beef very handily.  It can be used with short cartridges where a 32-20 would be dangerous.  If you throw your shells away use rim-fire cartridges, they are just as good and cheaper.  If you wish to reload your shells, use center-fire cartriges.  This rifle can be used as a single shot with the greatest facility.  It is only necessary to drop the cartridge into the receiver when the action is open, and close with the lever.  The barrels used are exactly the same as used by us for years in the Ballard rifles.  They are rifled deep, and will not foul as quickly as barrels with shallow rifling.  This also adds to the life of the barrel, since they will not become shot out so quickly."

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