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Manhattan Revolver

This is a very crisp little Manhattan Revolver and probably one of the better ones you will find currently marketed.  In terms of investment potential, we think Manhattan's are a tremendous value for quality and workmanship that equal or rival the Colt Revolvers of this era. A comparable Colt 1849 pocket in this condition would cost several thousand dollars more and as these continue to go up in price...the vacuum or monetary gap they create only pulls the lesser known manufacturers prices upwards like these Manhattans. Historically, these were quite popular during the Civil War as many were privately purchased by soldiers on both sides as personal carry weapons. 

This particular Manhattan came from a collection that spanned over 50 years that was started in early 1920's has probably not been up for sale in several generations.  It has been carefully stored for many decades....resulting in some gorgeous original finish.   4" octagon barrel, .36 caliber, 5 shot cylinder with 10 cylinder slots.  This one has the early and fragile style high mirror polish blue, silver plated gripstraps, with case colored frame, hammer, and loading lever.  All numbers are matching including the wedge and cylinder pin.  Great mechanics with a good bore. It is missing its wedge screw, a 3 dollar part that can be installed in just a few seconds.  Overall, this one is in NRA Antique Excellent condition showing 94% deep vivid original blue a few brown freckles mixing in.  The cylinder has quite remarkably survived with 80% vivid blue with perfect cylinder roll engraving depicting 5 different scenes surrounded by oval floral vignettes....blue rarely survived in significant amounts on the cylinders of these early black powder revolvers...they were highly prone to flaking my best guess is that perhaps this was due to the thermal expansion of the metal when the gun was fired repeatedly....this gun looks like it was only fired a few times and simply put away. Even if the cylinder blue did survive from lack of firing, it was often worn away from leather holsters...either from literally wearing away from being drawn and brandished or by chemical destruction of the blue from tanned leather. The cylinder is so fine on this gun, the front face still retains original blue.  Frame has 75-80% case colors that are thin but plenty of streaks showing blue, grey, and burnt red hues.  Hammer shows 50% case colors with some brown spotting.  Loading lever has 70% moderate to bright case colors.  Triggerguard retains 50% original silver while backstrap has 70% original silver.  Grips are excellent and still show  97% original varnish with some very light crazing and a couple minor areas of bubbling probably from a little too much attic heat.  A very strong Manhattan in high condition that is getting all the more hard to find as collectors refuse to part with these nicer ones...it's little wonder why this one probably hasn't been on the market since before WWII. 




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