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Lyman Ideal 38-55 Reloading tool in box w/ Extras

This is a nice grouping of Ideal components for reloading the 38-55 cartridge still in an original Lyman box.  The grouping consists of the tool marked "38-55 M" with nearly all the original nickel plating.  It also has the original tin charge cup blackpowder measure, what looks like a sizing die, and the decapping pin....a very hard item to find.  Also included are original instruction sheets casting lead bullets, Ideal powder measure advertisement, a skull and crossbones warning about use of smokeless powder  in the black powder charge cup, and loading tool instructions.  The box is in very good condition with nice label and no rips or tears...the label and side label notes this box originally held an Ideal lead dipper for casting bullets...apparently, the original owner stored his reloading tools, instructions, and  components in this box and the dipper at some point was separated.  It's a great box, with nice hard to find instructions, some very hard to find accessories, and a nice reloading tool. 

Item# 0161

$165.00 SOLD



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