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Lee Metford Rifle --1st Pattern--

This is a rather scarce rifle to find here on American soil and the only one we've had over the past nine to ten years. The Lee Metford was Great Britain's first bolt action rifle in caliber .303 which featured the Lee action coupled with Metford rifling. As you can see in the photos, this rifle is incredibly well-equipped for warfare and must have cost a small fortune to manufacture This one is a desirable 1st Pattern with several early features not found on the later Metford and Lee Enfield variants. The frame is marked "Lee Speed" indicating that this rifle was sold on the commercial market. It still has all of its military components intact and has never been modified with special sights, etc. Many of these Lee Speed's were used in shooting competitions as well as volunteer militia units throughout the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth.

Features on this rifle include Metford rifling, early style dust cover over the bolt, no safety on the cocking indicator, very early eight shot magazine, volley sights, magazine cutoff w/ early style scoop cutout on the stock underneath the knob, trapdoor buttplate w/ cleaning brush, bayonet lug, swivels, front sight cover, and standard military sights. Birmingham proofs on barrel and frame. All numbers we can find are matching which include the frame, barrel, and bolt. Overall, NRA Antique Fine Condition.

Item# 1575




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