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Krag Rifle Bayonet w/ scabbard

This is a Span-Am War era bayonet for the US Model 1898 Krag rifle.  Bayonet is dated "1899" on one side and "US" on the other.  Good+ condition overall....blade is still mostly bright with some stains.  Blade is still pretty nice though with no pitting.  Does not appear to have ever been honed or sharpened.  The wood grips are in good condition...solid with no cracks or damage.  Lug and guard have some light corrosion from poort storage.  Scabbard is in good shape with 40% original blue.  Would make a nice addition to a good used Span Am War era rifle used in Cuba, the Phillipines, or the Boxer Rebellion of 1900.

Item# 0893




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