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Nice Kerr Revolver with Original Case

This is a very nice example of an English Kerr Revolver made by the London Armoury Co.   This revolver is in NRA Antique Excellent Condition with its original English Oak Case and full compliment of accessories.  The Kerr is in .44 Caliber with 5 shot cylinder, checkered wood grips, and original lanyard ring intact.  The gun exhibits very little wear with 60-70% bright original blue remaining with the balance mostly flaked off with No pitting or roughness. The lockplate has mostly silvered remains of case colors and is marked Kerr's Patent with a number in the 10,000 range with a matching number on the cylinder.   Bore is bright and shiny with excellent mechanics. Nice screws and nipples. Grips are excellent with no chips or cracks and sharp checkering. The case is in Very Good condition with its original green felt lining and nice compliment of accessories.  The accessories include the original flask with most of its original lacquer and oiler marked "James Dixon & Son".  Brass mold is marked "54" for a .45 Caliber bore I believe along with the markings "Reg June 1852/Rob't Adams". Also inclued are the following: Original cleaning rod w/jag, Eley cap tin, Nipple wrench, Screwdriver, and Key to the case. The outside of the case has been refinished at some point in its life with one crack in the lid which has been professionally mended.    The Kerr Revolvers were very popular with the Confederates during the Civil War as approximately 80% were run through the Federal Blockades and saw service during the War.  This one bears no JS Anchor symbol on the grips.  All in all, this is a very strong example of a Kerr Revolver in the case for a reasonable price.




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