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Rare Ideal Combination Reloading Tool/Mold for Colt Lightning Rifle

These little Ideal tools marked for Colt are scarcer than hen's teeth.  Handle is clearly marked "38 C.M.R. & W.C.F." which stands for Colt Magazine Rifle and Winchester Center Fire. Colt only built two rifles with magazines...the Burgess lever action and the Lightning pump action rifles.  However, only the Lightning rifle was chambered in 38-40.   Both Winchester Models 1873 and 1892 were also chambered in this caliber...hence the "WCF" marking.  Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine condition with 50% original nickel plating.  Excellent working condition with a perfect mold cavity.  Complete with sprue cutter.  Sprue cutter stop is a non-original screw.

Item# 0899




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