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Circa 1930's NOS H&R Handcuffs in Box

These are just incredible...1930's era unused Harrington & Richardson Super Handcuffs in the original box with 2 keys and instructions inside the lid. Harrington & Richardson is far better known for manufacturing firearms but yes, the also made other products like these handcuffs.  These cuffs were part of a small group found a few years ago in a Police Dept. in New York....they were never issued.  Overall, they are in Excellent condition retaining 99.9% original bright nickel finish with just a few light scratches.  These were made right here in the U.S.A. back when everything was over-built on the "brick out-house principle" and thus, twice as strong as needed.  I guess things have changed because now we don't build anything in this country and our engineers have re-designed all of our products to last about 5 years before its "back to Walmart" for new ones.  Not so with these....they will really take you back into a time-capsule when things were really built to last.  Great markings and an ingenious lock design with a moveable pin attached to the link that block the key hole making it difficult for a prisoner to pick the locks. 

Item# 0229




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