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Nice .41 RF Pocket "Swamp Angel" Revolver

Mfd by Forehand and Wadsworth

This is an Excellent example of the .41 Caliber "Swamp Angel" Revolver built by the firm Forehand & Wadsworth in the 1870's.  Barrel is 2 3/4". Lucky serial number is 777X...all 7's except for last digit.  Blued finish with case colored hammer, and high quality rosewood grips.  While some may conveniently wish to categorize this revolver as a "suicide special" (inexpensive pocket revolvers of poor quality that flooded the market during the 1870's) due to the gun's nickname,  this is actually a rather well-made revolver.  Unlike most from its era, where the manufacturer only placed a nickname on their work, Forehand & Wadsworth were proud to place their name along with the firm's patent dates.   The name SWAMP ANGEL was derived from a powerful Civil War cannon.  Note: Company Co-owner was a Union Army Officer during the Civil War.   

Overall condition is NRA antique Excellent with 90-92% of all the original factory blued finish.  Coverage of blue is closer to 97% but finish has some small speckles of patina mixing in from age...that pull down the overall percentage a bit.  Nice case colors on the hammer.  Mechanics are excellent.  I've not cleaned the bore yet but rifling is very strong and is a minimum of Very Good....and I suspect will clean to excellent. and exact in each motion of cocking to fire.  It also somehow managed to retain  hand held extractor "pin" which is stored concentrically within the cylinder pin.  A simple push of the pin lever and it pulls out so it can be used to knock out spent cartridges.  These are usually missing.  A nice large bore pocket revolver that would have competed directly against the large Colt New Line revolver.

Item# 0972




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