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Circa 1760 French/Indian/Revolutionary War era Flintlock Pistol by John Twigg

This is a wonderful flintlock pistol made by Gunmaker John Twigg (1740-1790) of London. One of the finest English makers of his era, Twigg was known for his quality and attention to details. Given its style and "Twigg" on the lockplate, this appears to be one some of his earlier work from the 1760's to 1770's. After his death in 1790, several of his apprentices later became well-known makers including John Manton. Approx. .65 Caliber with 9" octagonal shaped barrel.  Very well-proportioned, quite light, and balances very well in hand. Its still in its original flint...not a re-conversion.  Top of the wrist around the upper barrel tang is carved with a shell pattern. While worn over the years, it still displays the precision of Twigg's work. The furniture is all German silver with light engraving. Note the skeletonized side-plate that Twigg masterfully inlayed into the wood opposite the lock. Trigger-guard has the familiar acorn pattern...as seen on many Enlish-made weapons from the 18th century. Bead front sight has a "X" shaped silver inlay across the top of the barrel. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Good.   The metal has turned to a dark patina with somewhat worn edges. The lockplate is intact and working. The German silver Furniture is all there an intact.  When we first found this pistol, it was in need of some repairs at the muzzle where wood has been broken out around where the front barrel key (also missing) once resided.  For a gun that's survived 250 years, these are almost ALWAYS in need of something.  Fortunately, this wood damage confined to just the front of the wood and ramrod. After a little bit of begging, we were able to send this to an expert repairman who understands woodwork and 18th century weapons better than my dog knows fleas.   The end results (minus a thin wallet) were seamless repairs properly contoured for a gun of that era that they are un-detectable.  Back now to its former glory, this is in my opinion  as much a piece of 18th century art as it is a weapon.

Item# 0934




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