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English Flintlock Pistol with Brass Barrel

This is an interesting little English flintlock that dates from approximately the late 1790's to early 1800's.  For starters it has a solid brass barrel marked "Extra Sharp Proof" on the top...there are also Birmingham proofs as well as a Belgian proofmark.  The lock is marked Tower with a crown over "GR".  Given the quality of the woodwork which is sup-par for British work, my best guess is that this pistol was built in Belgium using some English parts and was intended be sold on the English market.  This would explain the English Birmingham proofmarks next to the Belgian proof.  Overall, the metal of the gun is quite pleasing...the brass furniture and barrel are in very good shape with clear markings...I especially like the "Extra Sharp Proof" marking which is hand engraved....I've never seen this marking before on a gun of this period...perhaps someome can fill me in on its meaning.  The woodwork looks nice from a few feet away but the wood to metal fit is not up to English standards...definitely a 2nd or 3rd quality type of workmanship....there are two repairs consisting of filler that probably date within the last 40 years...one is a filler repair along the left side of the barrel that runs several inches...the other, a small filler repair is just below the lock....aside from that, the wood is fairly solid and intact....and looks quite presentable.  The ramrod is a handmade replacement.  All in all, an interesting gun that certainly lends some evidence of the market between Belgium and England during the early part of the 19th Century.  This recently came out of an old estate from North Georgia.

Item# 0117




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