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Enfield Martini MK IV Rifle with Striped Wood

This is a nice example of the British Military's final version of the Martini Henry rifle with some fantastic tiger-striped walnut wood. This one was built in 1887 by Enfield.  All correct and original.  Caliber 450-577. Overall, this one is in NRA Antique Very Good condition with the receiver and barrel mostly turned to a dark grey patina with 25% thinning blue throughout.  Nice metal overall with good markings and lots of great inspector markings on the various metal parts.  The wood is in Very good shape with fancy fiddle-back or tiger stripes running completely across the entire stock and forewood....its very rare to find a Martini with such eye-appealing wood as most tend to be straight-grained walnut.  There are few of the run of the mill dings and a couple of gouges which occurred during its military service.  The cartouches on the right side of the stock are excellent, very sharp and not hazy...about as nice of cartouches on an Enfield as you will ever find.   Excellent bore...still very  bright with sharp rifling and would be difficult to improve upon.  Original Mark IV style ramrod and sling swivels. This is just a very good example of a Mark IV priced for hundreds less than you will find often in lesser condition. 

Item# 0265




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