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Small Dixon Bag Flask for Colt Percussion Revolver

A nice looking-untouched example of a Dixon Bag Flask from the 1850's.  You often find these Dixon Flasks in cased Colt London Revolvers such as the Model 1849 Pocket. Marked on the top, James Dixon & Sons Sheffield.  This one is pretty good but could use some TLC before you would call it a nice flask.  The best part of this flask are the colors.  The body still has nearly all of its original lacquer which has turned very dark.  All seams are intact with no splits and even the little lanyard is intact.  The brass top has turned to a nice rich patina.  There are two areas this flask needs a little attention....one is there are a number of shallow dents to the body of the flask and the other is the spout spring is broken and partially missing.  With a little sweat equity, we don't see any reason why this wouldn't be a 3-400 dollar flask.  Would make a nice accessory to a good Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver.

Item# 0762




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