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Ramrod for a Confederate Mississippi type Rifle

This is a primitive example of what it probably a Confederate-made Ramrod for a Mississippi rifle or Copy of a Confederate Mississippi rifle such as the Tennesse-made Overton Rifle.  See pictures on pages 562 and 565 John Murphy's book "Confederate Rifles and Muskets".  It measures 32 1/2" long with a threaded end.  The tip is made of brass with the steel shaft of the rod peened at the end.  There is no cup to the brass and the rod itself does not taper down off of the brass end cap.  Instead, the way its peened is identical to way a brass guard is mounted to the shaft running through the handle of a sword.  See photos....as you can see, this was done a very long time ago.  My best guess is this was probably made by a mechanic or blacksmith from either an existing straight rod or one scavenged off a battlefield. Overall condition is NRA Antique Good with great patina on the iron and brass, and no pitting. The rod itself is a little wavy out towards the end with some nicks and scratches.   This one is truly unique and would look great in any Confederate-made or Confederate-used 1841 Pattern Mississippi rifle.

Item# 0888




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