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Colt New Line Pocket Revolver

Colt made the "New Line" revolver during the early to mid-1870's in a variety of rimfire calibers ranging from .22 to .41 caliber. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that all Colt's were well made they lost the pocket pistol market to the cheaper manufacturers. These no name manufacturers flooded the market with low quality revolvers that were so poor in quality, they dubbed them with nicknames instead of their makers marks.  They never made many new lines and today, they're getting pretty tough to find in nice condition. This little Colt has 4 nice things going for it. First off, its a blued variety with a case colored frame. These seem to be fairly scarce compared to the nickel plated varieties. Second, most blued ones are in rough shape.  This one is in nice condition with 80% barrel blue with some freckling, 50% cylinder blue, and most of the case colors still on the frame. The grips are nearly perfect. The back of the hammer is still shows original fire blue as do several of the screws. Even the action works well. Third, its got a very strong etched panel on the left side of the barrel & Fourth, its in caliber .30 Rimfire which along with the .41 rimfire are  equally the two rarest calibers in the New Line production.  All in all, this little New Line has a lot of good things going for it. 




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