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Colt 1847 Walker by Uberti w/ Charcoal Blue

This is one of the higher quality reproductions of a Colt Model 1847 Walker we've seen with correct contours and lots of attention to detail. It was made by Uberti of Italy in 1995. Features include a real case-color-hardened frame, accurate roll-engraved cylinder scene, and Uberti's special order charcoal blued finish which mimics the heat blue method used on the originals. It's mesmerizing compared to the standard blue/black.

As much as people say the Walker was built by Colt, it was actually manufactured by Eli Whitney Jr. in New Haven, CT. By the time Sam Colt was contacted about making a batch of large dragoon revolvers during the Mexican-American War, he had been out of the revolver business for several years following the Paterson Revolver venture which had soured, resulting in Colt being forced out by his business partner, Ehlers. Since the early 1840's, Sam Colt was actually working on other projects that had nothing to do with revolvers. It was this order for 1,000 guns that put him back into the revolver business for good. Of course, of the original 1,000 that went to Captain Walker during the war, surviving examples are extremely rare. Many were blown up from over-charged cylinders. By the way, the original military contract for the Walker did not have blued cylinders like the replicas. At the time, Colt and Whitney were concerned that the heat blue process might weaken the chambers so the cylinders were actually left bright or "in the white". That said, if you wanted to make this revolver look even more authentic like the original, the blue on the cylinder could be stripped. Overall, this one is in Excellent condition for being 23 years old and shows a bit of edge wears, a few minor handling marks on the grips (which btw, have fantastic wood to metal fit), and some brown freckling on the cylinder where the blue has flaked. This was actually the original intent Uberti had for the charcoal blue...that the finish is fragile and would more quickly take on a semblance to the originals through normal wear unlike the more durable modern blue/black finish that came standard. Nice example of one of the better replicas of the Walker you'll find!

Item# 1982




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