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Colt Single Action Frontier Six Shooter w/ Etched Panel

This is an early example of the Colt SAA revolver with 4 3/4" barrel.  Its in 44-40 with early etched panel barrel,  hard rubber eagle grips and blued finish.  Serial number is in the 105,000 range with all matching numbers. Comes with a Colt Factory letter authenticity which confirms this configuration and notes it being shipped to Hartley & Graham, NY, New York on April 11, 1884.  The Frontier Six shooter was designed for use with the 1873 Winchester rifle.  The .44-40 (aka 44 Winchester Central Fire) was the first successful mass-produced reloadable cartridges and made the repeating rifle a practical gun on the American frontier. If you ran out of ammunition and found yourself several hundred miles from the nearest hardware store, you could reload your spent .44 caliber casings.  Colt recognized the popularity of this caliber so they chambered their single action in the Winchester cartridge dubbing it "The Frontier Six Shooter".  Having a rifle and a pistol which used 1 type of catridge added a whole new dimension to this legendary pairing.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine. The barrel/ejector housing retains 20% original blue mainly along the bottom side of the barrel and the top and bottom sides of the ejector housing with small rings of original blue around the frame and front sight. The balance is a smooth light grey patina.  The backstrap and triggerguard have 10-15% original blue mostly in the more protected spots.  The frame is mostly a light grey with 10% case colors mostly in the protected areas at the front of the frame and around the recoil shield.  The cylinder has faded original blue mixing with brown patina in the flutes. Nice screws with a few of them still  retaining some of their original fire blue.  Great markings throughout with a strong two line barrel address an ever-so slighly worn but fantastic acid-etched panel on the left side of the barrel which clearly  reads "COLT FRONTIER SIX SHOOTER".  Left side of frame has the three line patent dates from 1871 to 1875.  Left side of triggerguard marked "44 CF". Checkered hard rubber grips are in excellent condition with sharp checkering and a very sharp motifs.  Usually with wear, you expect to find a certain amount of abuse but this gun is very crisp and sharp.  It was very well looked after with a nice action and an excellent bore.

Item# 9068




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