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Original Leather Holster for Colt SAA Revolver

This is a nice leather double loop holster from the late 19th or early 20th century for the Colt Model 1873 SAA Revolver. Its length is perfect for an SAA with a 5-1/2" barrel. It will also accept a Colt DA New Army Revolver with 6" barrel...but it's a tad loose around the frame. It's really for the Colt SAA. This is what collectors call a "hardware store" or "mail order catalog" holster. Companies like Montgomery Ward and Sears & Roebuck sold these in their catalogs. They're simply marked with an inventory number on the back down underneath the loops. This one has some simple designs tooled into the borders of the leather. It's in Excellent condition for its age and appears to have seen very little use. Leather has no rips or tears and is still supple. The stitching is perfect with no loose or opened seams.

Item# 1493




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