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Early Colt Short Barrel SAA in Rare 450 Boxer & Pall Mall Barrel Address

This is a scarce early Colt Single Action Army in rare .450 Boxer Caliber.  Serial number is in the 30,000 range. Made in 1876.  It also has the very unusual Pall Mall London Barrel Address denoting that it was sold through Colt's London Agency.  Barrel length is 5 1/2" which was the early short length for the SAA and a quite popular length found on Pall Mall guns.  Wood grips are in fine plus condition with no chips or cracks...and perfect wood to metal fit that is tight and even throughout the frame and straps.  All matching numbers including the cylinder.  Side of the triggerguard is marked "45 CAL" over "B" denoting the 450 Boxer or Eley Caliber.  Overall, the metal is a smooth even light silvery grey patina with good markings and edges.  Nice hammer checkering. It appears that this was cleaned professionally with great care many years ago and is beginning to age back to a light patina.  The result is that it shows itself very well and photographs nicely as well.  Mechanics are in excellent form with the action still producing 4 clicks when the hammer is cocked.  Bore is in Fine Condition.  .  Many of these early London Colts were purchased by officers in the British Army who had to privately purchase their own sidearms....given the date, it could have seen action in the South African Zulu Wars or the 2nd Afghan War 1878-1880, the Sudan circa 1885, as well as many other conflicts.  For an 1870's made SAA, this is exceptionally clean, used sparingly and was rather well looked afte...a great example of a wood-gripped first Generation Colt.




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